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OI Corporate Model™

OI Corporate Model evaluates the financial situation of your entire company in one place. Corporate-level inputs are combined with information about all marketed and developmental products. Various financial ratios and indicates are computed. What will revenues and expenses look like over the next decade? Will you need to raise more money? When will that money need to be raised and how much is needed?

Models the financial situation of your entire corporation

  • Provides balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
  • Calculates financial ratios and warns if cash levels fall below target

Provides separate sections for each marketed and developmental product by indication

  • Revenue forecasts
  • Development timing and costs
  • COGS, marketing and sales, and G&A expenses
  • Probability of launch (ability to have model always launch product)
  • In-licensing, out-licensing, and JV/profit split deal terms
  • Income statement for each product, split by company/partner
  • NPV, Pearson Index, expected value, and internal rate of return

Corporate-level inputs

  • Interest rates, tax rates, depreciation, FTE costs, and R&D costs
  • Debt and stock issuance
  • Shares outstanding

Contact Objective Insights for a fully functional demonstration version of OI Corporate Model.

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For more information, please download the OI Corporate Model Overview (pdf).

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