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Objective Insights works with healthcare companies of all sizes. Since our inception in 1994, our clients have included:

Abgenix (now Amgen)


Alcobra Pharma

Altos Therapeutics

Astra Merck


Atossa / Nastech (now MDRNA)



Cell Genesys (now BioSante)

Cell Therapeutics (now CTI Biopharma)

Cerevast Therapeutics

Coulter (now GSK)

Cubist (now Merck)

CVT (now Gilead)


Dey LP



Eli Lilly

Forty Seven


Genentech (now Roche)

Gilead Sciences


Impax Labs



Jazz Pharmaceuticals


Merck Human Health

Merck Vaccine

Myogen (now Gilead)



Novacea (now Transcept)

Novo Nordisk


Pharmacia (now Pfizer)



Relevate Health Group

Reliant (now GSK)


Ritter Pharmaceuticals


Roxro Pharma

Scios (now J&J)



Syntex (now Roche)

Syrrx (now Takeda)


Toccata Therapeutics

Vascular Therapeutics



I have used Objective Insights’ services for many years, first at Gilead and now at XenoPort. I am impressed with their analytical ability, forecasting models, and customer service. At XenoPort, we have a product that has faced a number of changes over the last few years, and sometimes the performance data aren't even pointing in a consistent direction. Throughout the evaluation process, Objective Insights’ forecasts have been remarkably accurate in predicting prescriptions and revenues. Objective Insights' thoughtful and thorough approach gives us confidence in our planning process and makes our jobs less stressful.
William Harris
Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer / XenoPort
I have worked with Objective Insights several times over the years while in strategic marketing roles at various biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Each time I work with them, Charley, Brett, and colleagues deliver a top quality job, whether on a qualitative, quantitative, or strategic project. In either case, they are on time and budget and make my life easier by producing detailed, accurate, and insightful work that provides lasting value to the organization. Their work is not put away on a shelf and forgotten; instead, it is used again and again as a relevant and useful reference. When working with Charley and Brett, I know I don't have to worry about the results, they are guaranteed to be excellent. Without hesitation, I have Objective Insights my highest recommendation.
Sally Meadows
Senior Director, Inflammation Disease Area Strategy / Roche
I have known and worked with the principals of Objective Insights for over 20 years. Objective Insights has provided forecasting models for the Marketing, New Product Planning, and Business Development functions at Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Their expertise in building reliable forecasting models and their knowledge and ability to populate them with key assumptions is commendable. We have all been very impressed with their commitment to customer service and ability to meet our aggressive timelines.
Jim Trah
Executive Director, Marketing / Jazz Pharmaceuticals
The entire team at Impax was both extremely happy with the forecasting tool put together by Objective Insights and the speed with which the tool was delivered. We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable or attentive group, as they were able to quickly address any necessary changes to the model.
Edward DiNapoli
Manager, Business Planning / Impax Laboratories
I have worked with Objective Insights while serving in finance at two companies and have found their expertise in financial modeling and benchmarking critical for my deal evaluations. They provide the support during the deal process that big pharma has in-house. Adding this expertise gives the startup company the edge it needs to strike the best deal possible. Using OI is cost effective and allows us to have top-notch financial models with minimal staff.
Jean Lockhart
Vice President, Finance / Syrrx
We have been impressed with the people of Objective Insights. Their experience with forecasting and analysis and their high quality of work have allowed us to be more confident in our marketing decisions.
Alex Thole
Director of Marketing / Pharmacia
Objective Insights has people with the experience and analytical background to solve complex problems. They helped us think through and quantify the impact of several alternative approaches to a marketing and sales issue. The information was very valuable and helped us make a more informed decision.
John Freeberry
Pricing Strategy Director / AstraZeneca
We think you have performed in an excellent manner and we are very pleased with the deal model and business plan.
Roger Whiting, Ph.D.
Co-founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer / Roxro Pharma
Our company needed to generate market research data in a particularly short timeframe. Objective Insights was capable of completing our project within a rapid turn-around time. They were quick to assimilate our specific business needs and developed the appropriate survey tools to capture the information we required. Objective Insights demonstrated a keen knowledge of the healthcare marketplace and proved to be a valuable partner on this project.
Brad Zakes
Chief Executive Officer / Cerevast Therapeutics
Your models are the most comprehensive I've seen in the industry, and currently the most useful standalone valuations platform.
Michael Emery
Associate Director of Forecasting, Financial Planning & Analysis / Rapid-growth specialty pharmaceutical company
Your models are great and have given us an advantage.
Michael Bury
Associate Director / Gilead Sciences
I found the model such a wonderful tool that saves me so much time with assumption changes. I wish I would have found this model earlier and I think it could have saved a tremendous amount of my time or my team's time for building forecast models and all the demanding QC. I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great tool!!
Yeon Kang
Associate Director, New Product Planning / Impax Pharmaceuticals
Charley and Brett do a great job in understanding our needs, and then use this to build useful, streamlined models.
Asmita Karandikar
Manager, National Analytics & Forecasting / Gilead Sciences, Inc.
I love working with your models. They take away all the work and additional calculations that are typical with forecasts. You have thought of every issue with forecasts (price increases, market growth, and share trends) and make updating assumptions easy and user friendly. I wish everyone (all of my clients) would use Objective Insights models to create forecasts.
Katherine Timoney
Hutchinson Marketing Solutions
Finally, a consultant that understands our business!
Abigail Jenkins
Senior Director, RSV Marketing / MedImmune
The team at Objective Insights is a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgable, staying abreast of the latest industry developments. Customer service is top-notch and their support after the sale is outstanding.
Erik Fredrickson
Forecasting Manager / Genentech
The pricing research and analysis that we recently completed with Objective Insights’ help has been described by some at AstraZeneca as the best research we’ve ever done.
Barnabas Desta
Pricing Strategy Manager / AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals