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Decision Analysis & Modeling

Complex Data, Tough Decisions

Your company regularly faces tough, complicated decisions that may affect its success and viability. Frequently, even with an overwhelming amount of information, the answer is still not obvious or clear. In other cases, you may need to balance qualitative and quantitative information, but don’t know how to do so.

The stakes are even higher when it is an important decision, with conflicting opinions among management over the appropriate course of action, and the decision needs to be made quickly.

We are experts at handling problems like these that are complex, unique, ill defined, difficult, multidimensional, time-critical, and important.

Insightful Solutions to Complex Problems

In cases like these, business modeling and decision analysis can help your company address the decision in an objective manner. We address your problem with sophisticated analytical methods, creative “out of the box” thinking, and decades of experience in the health care market.

Framing the Problem

We begin by working with you to frame the problem and identify your objectives for the analysis. This helps us choose the proper problem-solving methodology from the tools available to us.

Framing identifies the decision points, decision makers, and chance events that are important to the outcomes. From this, we help you determine what data are important to the decision. In many cases, just framing the problem can provide important new insights into the situation.

Modeling Your Answer

We employ a number of modeling and decision analysis approaches; the particular method depends on your situation:

Tools Used

Hierarchy Pyramid
Pricing Hierarchy Model™

Helps set the price of a new product

Hierarchy Pyramid
Promotion Hierarchy Optimizer™

Optimizes your promotional program portfolio

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