Market Assessment

Identifying Your Best Opportunities

A product forecast often considers a particular product for a particular therapeutic indication. Sometimes, companies want to look across an entire therapeutic area to identify overall revenue potential, the extent of competition, and the level of unmet medical need. Alternatively, your company may have several potential indications for your lead compound, some of which are not in your company’s target therapeutic areas and about which you want to learn more. Or maybe you want more in-depth, customized information about a disease than is available in syndicated reports.

Objective Insights can help your company with current, thoroughly researched information. Objective Insights has considerable expertise in commercial market assessments. What are the important characteristics of the disease area you are considering? Where are treatment options heading and what does it mean for your company? What is the level of unmet medical need? Objective Insights can help you answer these kinds of questions.

Providing the Information to Decide

We comprehensively research your company’s therapeutic areas of interest, including epidemiology and patient dynamics, current treatment patterns, potential future treatments, pricing and reimbursement, and current and future market potential. We draw our conclusions from the latest medical literature, government health databases, and commercial data sources.

Objective Insights also employs appropriate levels of primary market research when necessary to gain perspectives on current clinical treatment approaches and opinions. We often carry out small primary studies ourselves, and by working with other reputable market researchers, we can conduct much larger primary research projects.

The Objective Insights approach and experience yield high-quality, business-oriented results that your company can rely on for corporate planning, product development, partnering, and investment purposes.

Tools Used

Long-Term Forecaster™

A patient-based, epidemiology-based long-term forecasting model with a full P&L

Short-Term Forecaster

Incorporates market sales trends and other events to predict sales

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