Objective Insights’ Capabilities

Objective Insights provides your company with marketing and financial analysis to help you make informed decisions about your business opportunities, such as:

  • Should we develop or license this product?
  • How can we communicate the value of our technology to the financial community? What is the value of our technology?
  • How should we price our new product?
  • Should we produce two formulations?
  • What products should we choose to take forward in development? What is the best portfolio of projects for our company?
  • What will new Medicare reimbursement guidelines mean to our product sales?
  • What manufacturing capacity will we need?
  • How are customer buying patterns affecting our sales?
  • How long should we promote a product that will be going generic?

Objective Insights works with you to develop a better understanding of these questions, drawing upon our experience in the following areas:


Sales Forecast Modeling–Evaluate market potential or projected sales for new and marketed products.

Corporate Partnering Analysis–Evaluate different deal structures and terms for best fit with company objectives.

Portfolio Analysis and Optimization–Align your product development efforts to maximize return on investment and minimize risk.


Pricing–Determine a catalog price and discounts for your product that maximizes profits and supports corporate objectives. Determine the best timing and magnitude for pricing changes across your product line.

Reimbursement Analysis–Ensure optimal acceptance for your product among customers and payers.

Public Policy Analysis–Assess effect of legislation or regulation on your product’s sales.


We have distilled our extensive industry and consulting experience into a variety of analysis tools that you can use in-house to help you approach different business analysis problems on an ongoing basis, such as:

  • Forecasting new and marketed products
  • Deal evaluation
  • Portfolio modeling and optimization

Objective Insights supports these decision-making tools with thorough training, enabling you to understand and update them with the latest information.

See Tools for more detailed information.


OI Approach