Tools for Business Analysis

Objective Insights has developed a number of innovative, powerful tools to help your company analyze complex business problems. Click on the links below to learn more.

Forecasting Tools

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Long-Term Forecaster™

A framework to develop comprehensive strategic forecasts

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Short-Term Forecaster™

Incorporates sales trends and other events to predict sales

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Complete forecasting system for a portfolio of vaccines

Business Development

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Deal Advisor™

Compare business development deals to find the best terms for your company

Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Optimizer™

Helps to structure your product portfolio to minimize risk and maximize reward

Trending Tools

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Trend Explorer™

Generates trends for use in forecasting sales of marketed products

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Buying Intensity Index™

Improves the accuracy of trend-based forecasting

Forecasting Utilities

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Pipeline & Seasonality Analyzer™

Identifies and explains customer buying patters; analyzes and quantifies seasonality in product sales

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Forecast Converter™

Calendarizes annual forecasts into monthly and quarterly increments

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OI Prediction Engine™

A complete set of trending methods designed to be incorporated in Microsoft Excel models

Pricing & Reimbursement

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Pricing Optimizer™

Find optimal list price and discounts by customer

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Price Change Advisor™

Shows the overall corporate effect of price change amounts and timing by product, for an entire portfolio of products

Hierarchy Pyramid

Pricing Hierarchy Model™

Helps set the price of a new product

Corporate Planning

Corporate Model Icon

OI Corporate Model™

Models financial situation of the entire corporation

Hierarchy Pyramid

Promotion Hierarchy Optimizer

Optimizes your promotional program portfolio