The Objective Insights Approach

Our Iterative Decision Analysis Process

Objective Insights works closely with you to define your business problem and identify the information needed to make a sound decision. We then construct the appropriate model to aid understanding of the problem, providing a sophisticated analytical framework with transparency in both structure and information.

We strive to make our models comprehensive and powerful, while still remaining as simple as practical. All of our models have thoroughly documented assumptions, backed by research and data, and are calibrated to match established market data. We also use probabilistic analysis (Monte Carlo simulation and decision trees) to aid understanding of the range of likely results (upsides and downsides) and to supply sensitivity analysis to illuminate key assumptions.

At the end of the project, we provide you with the model and the training necessary to use and refine the analysis on an ongoing basis.

Objective Insights approach schematic

Objective Insights Delivers

  • State-of-the-art analytical capabilities
  • Comprehensive, accessible, fact-based analysis tailored to fit your budget and situation
  • Access to large-company business analysis expertise
  • Quick project turnaround
  • A network of expertise in the health care industry
  • Integrity and complete respect for confidentiality

Objective Insights Helps You

  • Raise capital in today’s competitive equity markets by supplying credible information and business models to potential investors
  • Increase sales and reduce expenses through effective product development and marketing planning
  • Increase the success of your business development efforts by focusing on deal structures that best support your company’s needs