Commercialization Services

It takes more than just a great idea to start a new health care company. While you and your team may have many skills and capabilities, you may find that you need some assistance to quickly get your company up and running. Objective Insights can help in the following areas:

  • Writing a business plan
  • Preparing thorough and credible information for potential investors
  • Mapping out company strategy
  • Understanding fund raising and capital structure decisions

Having a coherent, focused strategy is key to raising and effectively using capital. Objective Insights can help you maximize your company’s chances of success by providing focused advice in these areas. We draw on our experience in helping smaller companies, as well as our expertise in market and financial analysis and decision modeling.

Effective Business Planning: Roadmap to Success

A business plan is the embodiment of your company’s strategy and is a critical tool in selling potential investors on the value of your idea. The business plan must demonstrate a clear path of how you plan to get from startup to success.

Objective Insights can write or help you create your company’s business plan. Objective Insights has written several business plans; to date, one company has gone public and subsequently been acquired, while others have been successful in obtaining funding.

Objective Insights also provides essential analytical support for your business plan, including market assessmentsproduct forecasting, and financial analysis.

All of these are essential to convince investors that you have carefully examined your market and have prepared a winning commercialization strategy to bring your product or technology to fruition.

Capital Structure Analysis: Know Your Situation

Understanding your company’s capital structure is vital to making decisions of when and how to pursue additional funding and determining how these decisions will affect current investors.

Objective Insights can provide you with analysis that will help you appreciate the consequences of funding decisions, as well as the tradeoffs between different sources and timing of funding. This facilitates planning a funding strategy that minimizes dilution and loss of control while maximizing your chances of obtaining further funding in the future.

The Objective Insights approach, experience, and service provide responsive, high-quality, focused analysis that your company will find indispensable for raising money and plotting a clear product development approach and commercialization strategy.

Tools Used

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OI Corporate Model™

Models financial situation of the entire corporation

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