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Objective Insights has developed the Objective Insights Prediction Engine (OIPE), a general-purpose set of trending and statistics routines designed to be incorporated into Microsoft Excel forecast models. The OIPE features a comprehensive set of trending methods and in-sample trend accuracy statistics. In addition, the OIPE calculates point and cumulative prediction intervals for exponential smoothing models and uses an innovative approach for out-of-sample accuracy testing. Finally, the OIPE is designed to be incorporated into custom forecasting solutions in Microsoft Excel, improving forecast productivity and aiding insights into market conditions.

The OIPE supports several varieties of trending methods, including moving average; linear, exponential, and polynomial regression; exponential smoothing; and Box-Jenkins (ARIMA). Exponential smoothing methods include simple, linear, and multiplicative trends, seasonality, and damping. Box-Jenkins includes both seasonal and non-seasonal methods.

Objective Insights compared the forecast results of the OIPE against leading forecasting software using real-world customer data. Tests across eight such sets of data found that the OIPE performed as well or better than a leading software package.

Box-Jenkins Output Graph
Holt Exponential Smoothing Graph
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For more information, please download the OIPE White Paper (pdf) or view our video tutorial:

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