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Charles L. Hooper is President and co-founder of Objective Insights, Inc. Prior to forming Objective Insights in 1994, Charley worked at Merck & Co., Syntex Labs, and NASA. Charley’s experience is in decision analysis, economics, product pricing, forecasting, and modeling. He is passionate about helping pharmaceutical companies think clearly about their business opportunities.

Work Experience

President and Co-FounderObjective Insights, Inc. (1994 through present)

  • Successfully completed approximately 350 projects for 50 clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and device fields.
  • Areas of expertise include: sales forecasting, decision analysis, product pricing and health economics, public policy analysis, portfolio analysis and optimization, business development, and market research.

iOS Developer and Co-Founder, Radio Silence (2011 through present)

Developed and marketed apps that connect people in new and unique ways. One patent is pending.

Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University (2004 through 2015)

Wrote articles and blog posts, primarily regarding the pharmaceutical industry and public policy.

Senior Market Research AnalystSyntex Labs (1992 through 1994)

Responsible for product pricing, sales forecasting, decision analysis, business development deal analysis, and probabilistic simulation.

Marketing AnalystMerck and Co. (1989 through 1992)

Responsible for product pricing, sales forecasting, decision analysis, probabilistic simulation, financial analysis, and systems management.

President and Co-FounderHighway 9 Design (1983 through 1989)

  • Holds a U.S. Patent on a product that he and his brother invented and marketed
  • Performed all functions required by a small start-up automotive product company

Scientific Applications ProgrammerNASA/Ames Research Center (1982 through 1989)

  • Chief programmer for ten Ph.D. researchers conducting small-scale fluid mechanics experiments
  • Provided data acquisition and analysis software and support


M.S. in Engineering-Economics Systems (management science, decision analysis, public policy analysis, and economics) from Stanford University

  • Research project: Pricing and economic analysis of the California State Water Project
  • Cato Institute, Seminar in political economy at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

B.S. in Computer Science Engineering from Santa Clara University

  • Summer session in economics and liberal arts at University of Durham, Durham, England
  • Thesis topic: Economic comparison of different decentralized traffic light control algorithms (one original and two existing) using a computer simulation

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Public Speaking

  • Making Great Decisions in Business and Life, Energizer Holdings, April 2011, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Great Decision-Making: Essential Skills to Make Wise Management Decisions, Center for Competitive Management, November 2010
  • Making Great Decisions, Google, September 2007, Mountain View, California
  • Pharmaceuticals: Regulation and Economics, Naval Postgraduate School, March 2007, Monterey, California
  • Use Decision Analysis & Long-Term Market Forecasts to Build a Targeted Product Portfolio, Center for Business Intelligence Portfolio Optimization Conference, October 2003
  • Deal Valuation Techniques, BIO 2003 Meeting, June 2003, Washington, D.C.
  • Pharmaceuticals and The FDA, January 2003, Nevada City, California
  • Develop Long-Term Market Forecasts as Input to the Portfolio Management Process. Pharmaceutical Portfolio Optimization (CBI), October 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Product Pricing. WBBA Breakfast Series, January 1999, Seattle, Washington
  • Decision-Based Management [Quantifying Risk to Aid Decisions], BIO 1997 Meeting, June 1997, Houston, Texas
  • Should the Cure for Cancer Cost the Same in California and Calcutta?, IBC International Pharmaceutical Pricing Congress, February 1995, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Insights Into Pricing: An Important Problem Child, IBC Pharmaceutical Pricing Conference, June 1994, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Task Force Membership

  • Syntex Labs’ Strategic Planning task force in 1994
  • Merck’s Pricing 2000 task force in 1991

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