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Public Policy Analysis

Legislative and Regulatory Initiatives Affect Your Business

Every year, legislative and regulatory bodies like Congress, the FDA, CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services), and state legislatures consider and enact new legislation and regulations that can profoundly affect your company’s business practices and profitability. Does your company have a good grasp of what these policies mean to its business?

If not, we can assist you in researching these issues so that you will have an opportunity to react to and perhaps modify these policies before they are put into place. Objective Insights can provide the policy analysis you need to plan for policy changes and effectively respond to policy makers, either through lobbying efforts or public comments.

Comprehensive Research and Analysis

At Objective Insights, we are dedicated to understanding policy issues and figuring out what they mean to the healthcare industry in general and your company in particular. We go to the original legislation or regulations to gain a firsthand understanding of the ramifications. We draw on publicly available data and research to supplement our findings and provide a solid base for decision modeling. We also collect data from your company to build an appreciation of the particulars of your company’s situation, and to define your company’s situation in the context of the policy at issue.

Experience Counts

Objective Insights has analyzed a number of public policy issues, both in our consulting practice and when we worked in industry. These issues include:

  • Affordable Care Act
  • Medicaid Drug Rebate Program
  • Medicare outpatient prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare changes in parenteral drug reimbursement
  • Medicaid supplemental rebate proposals
  • Structure and monitoring of drug company price change pledges
  • Analysis of uninsured patients
  • Analysis of patient healthcare expenditures by condition
  • Development of patient assistance programs that maximize patient coverage while minimizing company exposure

If you believe a particular policy issue will have an effect on your company and want to better understand the problem, call Objective Insights and put our public policy analysis and modeling skills to work. We will develop a sound analysis that will help your company plan for the future, choose its best course of action, and respond to policy makers in the most effective and expedient manner.

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