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Healthcare Database Analysis

Government Database Analysis

To construct a defendable forecast, you first need well-documented information about your market. Such information may include disease or procedure incidence and prevalence, diagnosis rates, patient segmentation, and treatment patterns. Objective Insights can research these important forecast assumptions, providing you with a targeted database and epidemiology analysis.

Objective Insights has considerable experience working with various government health databases that can help you answer these questions. For some applications, these databases are far more cost-effective than purchasing equivalent data from organizations like IQVIA or Symphony Health and may offer data unavailable from these commercial sources. Some of the general purpose databases we work with include:

We are also familiar with several different public and commercial oncology databases including:

We can help you interpret these databases and incorporate the information into your product forecasts.

Of course, we can also help you analyze IQVIA and Symphony Health data, including surveys (e.g., NDTI), sales data, and prescription audits. We are familiar with IQVIA MIDAS international data.

Patient Population Analysis

Objective Insights also provides custom epidemiology analysis.  We research the medical literature and some of the databases mentioned above to help clarify the patient population of interest, whether encompassing the entire disease or certain sub-populations. We are already familiar with the epidemiology of many therapeutic areas, including oncology, mental and neurological disorders, and cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. We can research the epidemiology for any therapeutic area of interest.

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